The World of Yes!

2017 Welcome to the world of YES Youth Empowerment Services!  YES is located in beautiful Anaconda, Montana and serves youth ages 11-18.  YES is an energetic, fun-filled program with 4 main components:  Food and Fun (we are, after all, dealing with youth), Life Skills, Work Skills and the Arts (art, drama and music).  Our program is open to all area youth no matter their race, gender, disability or needs.  

YES youth engage in two weekly activities at this time:  Monday evenings from 6:30-8 and Friday afternoons from 4:30-6.  Activities include the lesson of the day, which addressed topics such as anger management, how to deal with bullies, self-esteem and work ethics.  A recreational activity and/or art activity is also part of each session.  YES youth are responsible for center clean up and are learning effective cleaning skills in conjunction with this activity (so don't let them fool you, parents- they DO know how to use that vacuum cleaner!)

YES is in the start-up phase of an indoor salad greens/micro-greens activity and will have fresh, organic produce in the near future.  This program will provide hands-on experience working with money and with a budget.

YES youth are often seen in the community raising money for their program, wearing our signature lime green T-shirts.  One of their most  recognized ventures is painting faces at events such as Alive After 5 on Fridays throughout the summer.  Other fundraising activities have been garage sales, car washes, a Fall Carnival and the popular Pizza Ranch Work Experience Nights.  Green shirted youth are also seen assisting with many children's events such as the Children's Fair in March and Kid's Day in May.  These amazing youth are learning the benefits of giving and service as they make a difference in their community.  One youth commented that it makes him feel amazing to know that his facepainting skills brighten the faces of the youngsters he paints.