The New Face of YES


YES 2019 has a very different look! We have recently purchased the former Methodist Church building and have moved our center to a location that is ideal for our purposes. Because of the new location, our numbers immediately doubled and they continue to grow! When a program serving younger youth closed at the end of 2018, we expanded our age range to include ages 5-18, which has further added to our attendees.

YES continues to focus on skills youth need to be successful in life such as skills of daily living (cooking, cleaning, money skills, etc), work skills/ethics, interpersonal relationships, handling stress in positive ways, healthy recreation habits and so on. We do all this while having a lot of fun!

Our after school activities start with a bit of physical movement to ‘get the wiggles’ out after a long day at school. We then have snack and homework time. Youth who do not have homework pursue academic tune up activities such as silent reading, math flashcards and journaling. Once homework hour is up, youth can choose from a variety of center projects that include computer coding, arts and crafts, board games, Legos and other building tasks, puppets and more.

YES now serves dinner! We have an amazing cook, Kaye, who creates delicious, nutritious meals Monday through Thursday (because the schools have early out on Fridays, we close an hour early those days, so do not have dinner). Our youth assist with some of the meal prep and with serving as well as clean up. You would be amazed at all the volunteers we get for these chores!

Karen McCarthy